Comprehensive Service

We strive to make your selling experience hassle free! That's why we offer an all-inclusive auction service.

Our service includes:

Advertising and marketing

  • We take multiple high resolution photos to showcase your assets. If you are unable to get your items to our auction site right away, click here to view some tips if you have to take the photos yourself. 
  • We include a detailed description of each item to ensure buyers have all the information they need. 
  • Items are listed to our website immediately to ensure maximum exposure.

Shipping recommendations

Equipment storage

  • Secure & free!

Lien searches and pay out

  • Any money owing will be dispersed to the appropriate party on your behalf.

Buyer inquiries and inspections

Organizing and conducting the auction

Collecting sale revenue on your behalf

Handling any post-sale issues

Buyers come prepared to purchase on auction day!
Every item is sold to the highest bidder and you'll receive a cheque in the mail within 15 banking days!

We are your auction advantage.

Let us work for you.

Industry Experience of 25+ years!

Established in 1990, Weaver Auctions has 28 years of expertise in the industry. We are continuously growing, having sold over $104.6 million in assets since 2006. Our 23 acre permanent sale site is located on Hwy 49 between Rycroft and Spirit River, Alberta. We are well known for our honesty, integrity, value, outstanding service and our commitment to the service we provide. We utilize online bidding and aggressive advertising to maximize the value of your assets and market them to buyers throughout North America. On average, over 23% of equipment is sold to online bidders.

Have us conduct an appraisal for you!

Simplest way to explain an appraisal: A current market value assessment of your equipment or property.

We have certified personal property appraisers that can make an impartial analysis to determine the worth of your assets.

An appraisal would represent the fair market value at which the assets would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under compulsion to buy or compulsion to sell and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.

Ready to

We offer consignment options that accommodate every individuals needs.

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