Terms and Agreements

I hereby authorize a Weaver Bros. Auctions Ltd. Representative to bid up to the PROXY BID price on my behalf at this auction sale, and acknowledge my indebtedness for the same on any purchases that may be made on my behalf. All terms and conditions stated on the Weaver Bros. Auctions Ltd. bid card are applicable, and I will not hold Weaver Bros. Auctions Ltd. liable in any way whatsoever if my attempt to purchase is unsuccessful.

In the event I am notified of a successful PROXY BID, I agree to make payment in full including all applicable taxes, buyer administrative fees as well as a $10.00 minimum or 2.5% administration fee (whichever is greater) up to a maximum of $950.00 on each item, immediately upon receipt of notification.

  1. Print off form
  2. Fill out the form in it’s entirety
  3. Fax completed form to 1-250-782-9774


Click here for a Proxy Bid Form