Thinking about selling your Real Estate by Auction?

Here's some information for your consideration:

  • Buyers do come prepared to buy. With real estate auctions they are usually pre-qualified and have the money to make the purchase.
  • You move your property quickly and avoid long term holding costs such as interest, insurance, maintenance and taxes. Auctions are the quickest way to sell property and receive current market value.
  • Your property is sold as is; there is no negotiating aspects of the sale as in traditional real estate selling – which favors you, the seller rather than the buyer.
  • Auction marketing is intense and happens in a short time frame as opposed to the long-term advertising of traditional real estate.
  • The buyer will make a non-refundable deposit the day of the sale. Closing date will be 30 days from sale date.
  • You set the date your real estate will be auctioned, eliminating the uncertainty of waiting for it to sell. Traditional real estate sales do not have a pre-determined selling date.
  • An aggressive advertising campaign assures interest and visibility.
  • Competitive bidding encourages buyers to pay current market value or higher for the property.

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Certified Personal Property Appraisers
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An explanation of an appraisal: A current market value assessment of your equipment or property.

We have certified personal property appraisers that can make an impartial analysis to determine the worth of your assets. An appraisal would represent the fair market value at which the assets would change hands between a willing buyer and a willing seller, neither being under compulsion to buy or compulsion to sell and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts.