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Weaver Auction Site Terms & Conditions

Weaver Bros. Auctions Ltd. is providing the following terms and conditions which must be accepted in order for you to bid on-site at the Weaver Yard. WBA reserves the right to add, delete or change some or all the on-site bidding services at any time without notice.

Weaver Bros. Auctions Ltd. has put forth every effort, in preparing the advertising for this auction, to provide accurate descriptions of all items. All property is sold “as-is” and it is the Bidder’s responsibility to determine the exact condition of each item. All articles of merchandise are offered “as is and where is” in units of measure as announced at the time of sale.

This administrative fee may be waived for purchases made at on-site farm auctions.
There is no fee to register or bid. These fees apply only to On-site Buyers. Taxes on fees are applicable to all Buyers. No charges or fees apply to unsuccessful Bidders.

The Auctioneer may state the year of manufacture of certain equipment, however it is the responsibility of the Buyer to ascertain, by his own means the correctness of year and model prior to bidding.
The Auctioneer reserves the right to group, modify, increase, diminish or delete lots at his sole and absolute discretion.

If for any reason whatsoever the Auctioneer fails to deliver an awarded lot, the Auctioneer’s sole liability shall be the return of any deposit or monies paid for such non-delivered lot; this does not include lost or stolen items.
All rights, privileges and powers reserved or granted to the Auctioneer in these Terms of Sale shall be deemed reserved and granted to Auctioneer’s employees, advertising representatives, and all owners for whom the lots are being sold.

All Bidders must provide their name, address, phone number, and e-mail address at which they can be contacted. This is to ensure good communication between Weaver Bros. Auctions Ltd. and the bidder throughout any transactions.

Purchases become the responsibility of and shall be and remain at the risk of the purchaser immediately upon acceptance of his bid. It shall be the responsibility of the purchaser to insure his purchases immediately.
The Auctioneer has the sole discretion to advance the bidding and may reject a nominal advance, should it, in his estimation, prove injurious to the auction. The auctioneer shall be the final judge in all bidding disputes and shall name which Bidder is the purchaser.

All sales are final. Acceptance of a final bid by the Auctioneer constitutes a legal, binding sales contract, pursuant to the terms and conditions stated. Auctioned items are purchased “as is” with a no return option.
The auction company reserves the right to refusal (approval to bid) anyone deemed to be a potential detriment to the conduct of the auction. Auctioneers reserve the right to refuse issuing a bidding card. Auctioneers make no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, of any kind. This posting is only a guide; please inspect equipment.

All announcements made the day of auction take precedence over any and all printed or verbal statements.
The Buyer hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Weaver Bros. Auctions Ltd., and the Seller, against any and all liability, loss, costs, damages, and other expenses arising from the loading out of equipment by Weaver Bros. Auctions ltd. on the Buyers behalf.

Payments & Removal

Payment of the purchase price, plus applicable taxes, administrative and service fee charges must be made following notification of the successful bid.

All lots must be removed within the time announced or posted at the sale at Buyer’s sole cost and risk, and only in a manner approved by the Auctioneer. If for any reason, the Buyer fails to remove any lots within the time specified, the lots shall be deemed abandoned and the Auctioneer may re-sale, remove from the auction site and/or store the said lots at Buyer’s sole risk and expense. In addition, the Buyer shall be liable for any rent incurred or damages suffered by the Auctioneer because of the Buyer’s failure to timely remove any lot.

If you agree to the terms and conditions above and you are 19 years of age, with the legal capacity to participate in the auction, you may register for this event. Registering for this event means you are financially responsible for your use of the bidding service and you are responsible for any usage by any other party of the bidding service under your name or account. You agree to Weaver Bros. Auctions Ltd. Terms of Sale for this auction.

Notice to U.S. Buyers

United States purchasers are required to pay in Canadian funds by wire transfer from their banks. Goods that are exported from Canada by a third-party carrier with appropriate documentation are exempt from Goods and Services tax.

Notice Regarding U.S. Information

Most United States manufactured equipment returns to the U.S. duty free. The importation of certain diesel engines (or equipment with diesel engines) is prohibited unless the diesel engine is covered by a U.S. EPA certificate of conformity. Some equipment may require modifications to meet U.S. import and safety regulations. To avoid potential problems, please contact your customs broker.

Registration and Titles

All registrations and titles will be released after the payment is received.

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