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September 9, 2020 - Flaten Auction

It was not an easy decision to retire from farming the Flaten land which was homesteaded in 1916; five generations have lived and worked on our farm. 

Dorothy and I met with Jeff in person and he presented us with our options - there was absolutely no pressure. Our decision to choose Weaver Auctions was simple as they were upfront, local and most of all, a family business, as were we. From there, the boys, Evan and Lorne, stepped in to take photos of our inventory and finalize the lot setup. This new online auction system wasn’t without stress, but the Weavers were calm and continued to reassure us that most of the movement happens in the final days. Jeff and Yvette spent two days prior to the auction at our farm assisting prospective buyers with online registrations and fielding questions. Sale day went off without a hitch, making our day an altogether enjoyable experience. An additional three days after the sale were spent with us collecting payments and tying up loose ends. 

To say we were a little anxious would be an understatement; however, Jeff, Yvette, Lorne, Evan and Janine made it all manageable with their positive outlook, communication and professionalism. Weaver Auctions is a great family business; these wonderful people were an absolute pleasure to work with. 

Thank you Weavers!!

Lorne & Dorothy Flaten & Family

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