Auctions actively bring buyers and sellers together. Live public auctions are also fun and bring out the competitive spirit of the bidders, which ensures sellers achieve true market value. Our advertising plan brings the buyers to your sale, so you can be confident you will get top dollar for your assets.

By selling your assets at a Weaver Bros. Auction you…

  1. Create competitive bidding where all buyers see the assets and bid as high as they are willing to pay.
  2. Ensure your assets are advertised and promoted in the right markets.
  3. Have access to Internet bidding, which is another tool Weaver Bros. Auctions use to advertise your assets to a wider audience, and ensure top dollar for your equipment, livestock or real estate. If potential buyers are unable to attend your sale, on-line bidding is a convenient way for them to participate.

By Selling your Real Estate at a Weaver Bros. Auction you know that…

  1. Buyers come prepared to buy. With real estate auctions they are pre-qualified and you know they have the money to make the purchase.
  2. You move your property quickly and avoid long term holding costs such as interest, insurance, maintenance and taxes. Auctions are the quickest way to sell property and receive current market value.
  3. Your property is sold as is; there is no negotiating aspects of the sale as in traditional real estate selling – which favors the buyer rather than you, the seller.
  4. Auction marketing is intense and happens in a short time frame as opposed to the long-term advertising of traditional real estate.
  5. The buyer will make a non-refundable deposit the day of the sale. Closing date will be 30 days from sale date.
  6. You set the date your real estate will be auctioned, eliminating the uncertainty of waiting for it to sell. Traditional real estate sales do not have a pre-determined selling date.
  7. An aggressive advertising campaign assures interest and visibility.
  8. Competitive bidding encourages buyers to pay current market value or higher for the property.

How the auction marketing process works, and what you can expect when you choose Weaver Bros. Auctions Ltd…

  1. You call and talk with a Weaver Auction Representative and discuss your plans.
  2. A professional auctioneer will meet with you to evaluate your assets and/or real estate.
  3. Following the visit you will be presented with a Sales Proposal that includes an itemized List of Assets, and the terms under which your auction will be conducted.
  4. Once all sale terms are agreed upon, an exclusive right to sell contract is signed between you and Weaver Bros. Auctions.
  5. When the Sales Contract is in place, we begin the process of marketing your assets and organizing your sale. Your sale is uploaded to our website, and included in our full color catalogue. Ads are designed and booked in target newspapers and on the radio. Signs are placed at strategic locations closer to your sale date, directing prospective buyers to your sale site. We also meet with you to discuss sale setup and procedure.
  6. Weaver Bros. Auctions will book a concession and portable bathrooms for your sale date.
  7. Prior to sale day an auction representative will be in contact with you to answer any questions or to give direction to sale set up.
  8. On sale day our staff will arrive early to register bidders, handle last minute sale preparations, and check sound and the on-line bidding system. Weaver Bros. Auctions will conduct the auction, record all transactions and complete the necessary purchase agreements after the sale.
  9. Following your real estate auction (if applicable), a qualified realtor will complete the purchase agreement; set the closing date within 30 days and co-ordinate all necessary processes and documents.
  10. Weaver Bros. Auctions Ltd. will disburse your proceeds (within 10-15 banking days) to you in the form of a cheque along with a complete computerized sale settlement.
  11. If you would like to sell by auction and do not have enough assets to hold your own auction sale, you can consign to one of our existing sales, or to a sale at our new yard site in Rycroft, AB.